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We have been approached broadly to bring it back online. As such we have reached out to key stakeholders to find out ways to do this, and to make it better, and also to find a no-strings-attached funding source. If you have suggestions relating to any of these fronts please email: with the subject "Indigenous Arts". Artists' Profile Pages will remain active as we know many rely on them for the marketing and promotion of their work.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Authentic Indigenous Arts Resurgence Campaign

Promoting and Supporting Authentic Indigenous Artworks in the Marketplace

The Authentic Indigenous Arts Resurgence Campaign (The "ARC") is an Aboriginal Tourism B.C. ("AtBC") initiative aimed at promoting and supporting authentic Indigenous artworks in the retail and wholesale marketplace.

Indigenous arts and crafts are a reflection of the sophistication, diversity and resilience of Indigenous cultures. There is very little that is more important to the well-being of our people than the protection of our designs and artworks, and in doing so, providing for the people.
Shain Jackson, Coast Salish Artist

Use the resources on this website to obtain important information about Indigenous artists, their respective cultures and their range of artwork. When looking for Indigenous Artwork, look for the Authentic Indigenous Logo. It not only lets you know you’re buying the real thing, but also that the artist has been fairly compensated.

Speaking Truth, Protecting Cultures, Providing for People

Random Picks | Authentic Aboriginal Artworks

Marlene Liddle - Cedar Bark Weaving
Andy Everson - Paintings
Lyle Mack - Wiaqaii - Totem Poles
Aka Painted Arrow - Paintings
Qwaya Sam - Masks
Peter Smith - Masks
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