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Who we are...

The Authentic Indigenous Arts Resurgence Campaign (The "ARC") is an Aboriginal Tourism B.C. ("AtBC") initiative aimed at promoting and supporting authentic Indigenous artworks in the retail and wholesale marketplace.

AtBC and Indigenous artists from across BC have come together to raise awareness around the need for change in the current Indigenous arts and crafts sector.  Our work will include advocating for Indigenous artists to be fairly remunerated for their work, and providing the necessary supports so artists have better access to information and resources for their creative, artistic, cultural and professional endeavors.

Our working definition of authentic is , “Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief” — meaning that those who register to be part of our movement share the facts about their respective Indigenous art practice(s), and in doing so, are able to demonstrate the authenticity of their works.

What we do...

We undertake various activities designed to protect Indigenous control over Indigenous artwork and to ensure that its sale benefits Indigenous artists and communities economically. We do this by:

  • Creating awareness of the fact that Indigenous art and crafts are of significant economic and cultural value to Indigenous communities and peoples.
  • Educating consumers, travelers and resellers as to the positive community impact of buying authentic Indigenous art and craft.
  • Encouraging consumers, travelers and resellers to seek out and purchase authentic Indigenous products in BC.
  • Nurturing economical and culturally sustainable communities for BC’s First Nations and their artists.
  • Recruiting both artists and sellers to join the movement by becoming members of our collective.
  • Promoting our Authentic Indigenous label, available on products sold directly by artists and by participating retailers. The Authentic Indigenous label lets the consumer know they are buying authentic works, and that Indigenous artists have benefited.

What we believe...

Indigenous art and craft are a reflection of the sophistication, diversity and resilience of Indigenous culture. There is very little that is more important to the well being of our people than the protection of our designs, artworks and artistic traditions.

Nation-wide, our artwork is the most important economic means by which we as Indigenous people are able to sustain ourselves. Culturally, it is essential to ensuring the survival of our peoples and communities.

By working together, we can make positive changes that will see our artists and communities benefiting from the important work they do to protect and continue our artistic traditions, and to transfer those teachings to the next generation.

Artist: John L. Howley


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