Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau

Tribal Name: Maskwa-iskwew| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

North Vancouver
Band Affiliation:
Tribal Affiliation:
Northern Saskatchewan Cree/Metis

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Artist Statement

My art is my story. After surviving an illness that took four years of my life, I decided to change my story. No longer was I the person who did what others wanted because it was best for me. Now I get to be the artist I’ve always been and express myself by placing my mark on whatever material calls to me – whether it is animal hide, canvas, wood or my favourite – glass. My designs show me at certain points in time. Salmon for the ending and new beginning, raven for my creative spark, wolf for my loving family around me, bear for how I feel towards those within my circle. It’s all a story, even if it doesn’t follow traditional ways – sometimes stories need to be told in new and contemporary ways. I finally found my voice, I hope you enjoy the story.


A Nehiyaw/Metis visual artist, Adele creates work that is evocative of story telling
by engaging the audience to consider cultural appropriation, along with social and
environmental issues. Her intent is to educate from an indigenous perspective and
counteract current stereotypes.
Adele grew up with the Dakelh (Carrier) people of British Columbia in Prince
George, and Fraser Lake. Incorporating traditional ovoids, split u’s and trigons of her
adopted family into the flowing form lines of her Cree style to create her designs.
She hand carves cedar, paints in acrylic on canvas, along with plains style traditional
beadwork and earrings. She completed the Reconciliation Carving program at
Langara, and holds a Fine Art Diploma along with a Graphic Design Diploma.
Currently, she is a member of the North Vancouver Arts Council, Seymour Art Gallery, CARFAC and the Federation of Canadian Artists. In the past two years, she has come from a complete unknown in the local shows to now having shown in galleries from
the North Vancouver to White Rock. She looks forward to where her artistic journey is going to take her. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows in recent years.
Her portfolio can be viewed at:
or on Instagram at: @metiscaron

Work Samples

Types of Work I Do

Carvings|Paintings|Drums and Accessories|Glass
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