Angel Kezer

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

Art is the way I bring my visions into this world to share them with others. I hope my wish of healing is communicated and felt by those who use, wear or purchase my creations.


Angel Kezer, of Saulteau, Cree and German heritage, has been drawing his visions since childhood. Growing up in Dawson Creek, BC, however, provided little opportunity for him to hone or earn a living from his talents. In 2011, after several years working hard labor in oil patches, Angel moved to Vancouver to explore and practice his creative gifts.

“When I was more able to express and explore my innate talents I found my calling to study and practice the healing arts. The crafts I produce are reflective of the healing arts I now study and practice. I am very careful to work with natural materials obtained from places practicing ethical treatment of animals and sustainable collection of material.”

Angel now works from a studio in East Vancouver BC offering hand made Aboriginal Crafts and reflexology.

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Types of Work I Do

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