Bob Family (Alva Bob)

Region: Vancouver Island

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Artist Statement

We are from Pauquachin First Nation and are focused on keeping our culture alive through our arts and crafts.


Alva Bob on behalf of my brother Virgil Bob, brother-in-law, Frank Louie, sisters Iona Misheal, Claudette Louie, and grandson Michael Sheena.

We are from Pauquachin First Nation, my brother-in-law, Frank, is from Cowichan Tribes.

We make Hand Drums, Drum Sticks , Cowichan Style Sweaters, Vest, Toques, slippers, Cedar Hats, Visors, Roses, Baskets Bead Work, Necklaces Barrettes. Our work has been passed down to us from our Parents and Grandparents. We all started our work very young, something that was taught from our parents, grandparents and Elders in the community.

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