Buster “Cat Thunder” Wilson

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

Specialize doing stencil art and cut-outs. I created a coloring book for students of all ages. What they do are to TRACE/COPY/COLOR the stencils I provide them like as coloring book.


I am a member of the Kwakiutl Band of Fort Rupert. I was born in Alert Bay BC and I learned to do drawing through my great teacher [late] Ernie Jacobson. Ernie was a great guitar player at the time of his teaching. I carried on that tradition and carried it well. I’ve being doing stencils for years now and been to many schools and events. This taught me to share my skills with the ones who enjoy colouring. I am so pleased to carry on this tradition and how I learned so much of a many students who accomplished so much through my work. http://sky-lite-stencils.bravepages.com/resume.html
My quote: “The future is waiting for me and you.”

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