Carlene M. Paul

Region: Vancouver Island

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My name is Carlene Paul, and I am from Ahousat, my passion is cedar bark weaving.

I have been involved in cedar work for the past six years, inspired by great grandmother, Julia Lucas, who first put cedar bark in front of me and said “you have hands, use them”.

I want to continue in my work to hand down to my children and grandchildren. I want our traditions to remain unbroken. I do my own harvesting of my own materials, I follow our traditional ways when I harvest, thanking the tree for its what is has given me, practicing gratitude for these gifts.

Being confident to sell my work took about 3 years from the time I started. I was so happy when my grandmother complimented my work, and became even more motivated when others started to recognize and compliment my work. I want to maintain independence when it comes to selling my work, so I don’t sell my work through galleries or stores, but someday I would like to see my work in museums, so my children and grandchildren can see it and say ‘that’s my grandmother’s work’. I also work in beading, cedar weaving on eagle feathers, Floral arrangments, Cedar Hats, Capes, Medicine Pouch, Bracelets,Table mats, and Hand made shawls, learned to do this work before there were iron-on works, so I take pride in being able to do my work in a skillful way, everything hand-sewn.

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