Charlene Campbell-Wood

Tribal Name: Musqueam| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Tribal Affiliation:
Coast Salish

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Artist Statement

My passion for photography began when I moved back to Musqueam in 2010. I started noticing the natural beauty all around me in Musqueam; the sunrises and sunsets, eagles, crows, cranes, and many other wild birds, and especially photos of Musqueam's Fraser River. My father would tell me that I should start entering photo contests because he really thought highly of my photos. I started selling calendars in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and framed photos at our annual Elders' Christmas fair in Musqueam. I'm always thinking of new ways to present my photography and get more people to notice my work. I love to take photos of places our ancestors once walked, hunted, gathered, fished, lived, and fought. This site is a perfect purview to get my photography out there and to be noticed.


I am the eldest daughter of four children of the late Chief Ernest Campbell (Musqueam, B.C) and Carol Campbell (Chehalis, B.C).

My late father, Chief Ernest Campbell was Musqueam (People of the River Grass) and my mother, Carol Campbell was from Chehalis, BC (Fraser Valley). My great grandfather was Dunstan Campbell, and my grandmother was Mary Jane Campbell.

My great grandfather from Chehalis was James Angelo Charlie. My great grandmother was Bernadette Charlie. My grandmother, Dorothy Charlie (nee Leon) married my grandfather, Henry Charlie, the eldest son of James and Bernadette Charlie,
I also have many relatives on Vancouver Island on my late grandmother, Mary Jane Campbell's side my family.
I am very fortunate to be able to share my ancestry, my photographs, and myself.
I lived near Musqueam for 13 years. My home was completed in 2010 just before the 2010 Winter Olympics began. I am happily married to my best friend and love of my life, Christopher Wood.
I am very proud to be Musqueam.

My work represents the natural beauty which is all around us. A lot of my photography captures the natural wildlife such as hummingbirds, eagles, ravens and several other birds natural to these surroundings. I also love photographing the scenic beauty in Musqueam; floral, macro (close-ups). I am branching out to photograph larger wildlife such as whales, seals, and bears that was sacred and still sacred to our aboriginal people of the rivergrass.

Please check out, my photos are showcased on the site - search Charlene Campbell-Wood

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