Chrystal Nahanee

Tribal Name: Squamish Nation| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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West Vancouver
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Artist Statement

Kwenkwenshenam Cultural Walking Tours

Strolling through the beautiful trails of the Squamish Estuary with a stunning view of the Chief and Shannon Falls. Only a 45 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Kwemkwemshen Cultural Walking Tours will offer a cultural experience like no other. The debut tour features Squamish Nation language expert Rebecca Duncan. Stay tuned for more information and the launch of Kwemkwemshenam Cultural Walking Tours new Website this spring 2016!


Kwemkwemshenam Professional Guides

1. Chrystal Nahanee - Squamish Nation Outdoor Adventure Guide
Graduate of the Outdoor Recreation Management Program - Capilano University

2. Rebecca Duncan - Squamish Nation Language Expert Guide
Keeper of the language expert

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