Clarence Mills

Tribal Name: Haida| Region: Northern British Columbia

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Artist Statement

Exploring the world of Art over many years, I have had the privilege of creating in many mediums as I could put my hands on. The 2 and 3 dimensional designs included sculptures in Argillite, Cedar, ltd. Edition Prints, Silver and Gold Jewellery. Over the next few years I plan to explore Fashion and Fabric with Chloe Angus Design. My images blending with Chloes fabric and continuing our collaboration. with Glass Plaques, discs and Totem Poles


Haida Name: Gah–ghin-skuss
(Out of your own land)
Member of the Eagle Clan, Skidegate

Clarence Mills is a world renowned Haida artist creating artwork in the ancient traditions of his people. With guidance from his uncle, Doug Wilson, Clarence began studying traditional Haida art at the age of eighteen. Using the Traditional Argillite, Red and Yellow Cedar, Clarence developed his craft incorporating Haida family crests, stories, and characters into various carvings; everything from Bentwood boxes, bowls, doors, totem poles, and plaques, engraved silver and gold jewelry. His Ltd, Edition prints and sculptures are available at galleries and collections around the world.

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