Cody Lecoy

Tribal Name: Syilx/Lekwungen| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

Painting has become a holistic practice within my life. Through painting I am interested in bringing balance to the aspects of mind, body and spirit. Creative expression has allowed for a deeper understanding of my indigenous, Syilx and Lekwungen, ancestry by exploring cultural knowledge, land practice and experiential learning. While I am also interested in exploring subjects of dissonance that can disrupt balance within. Themes of energy use, oil and gas, and resource development are areas of inquiry that call into question a sustainable relationship to the environment. While technological mediation upon our social lives have altered our interior lives and the abilities to connect to each other and our environments.

Surrealism has been my preferred style of expression. This has allowed me to portray qualities of the interior life and the external environment within the same plane of the canvas. It is also my intention through the use of abstract colour expression to convey the impermanence of flowing energy and spiritual states. I paint animated landscapes that express the dynamism of the organic form and its movement. It is in the exploration of my practice that I aim to illustrate an interconnection between all living things.


Cody Lecoy was born in Richmond Canada in 1989. He is an artist of Syilx and Lekwungen ancestry. Cody has studied at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Most of his work is acrylic on canvas. Surrealism is Lecoy’s preferred style of painting.

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