Cory Douglas

Tribal Name: Squamish Nation| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

Since October of 2006 I have endeavoured to develop my ancestors' roots in artistry and continue to redefine myself as I merge my academic architectural vocation with my innate creativity. Together, mixed with my passion for detail, this marriage has come alive into what I define as "Modern Formline". Every creation first begins as a vision, followed by a sketch, as the piece merges into its personality and manifests on jewellery, paper, drums, bentwood boxes, and tattoos.

“I like the idea of freeing my images from the traditional two dimensional surface of a crest and complimenting them with colour gradations and sketching them in three dimensional forms.”

My late grandfather Teddy Brown belonged to both ‘Killer Whale’ and ‘Eagle’ clans with the Tsimshian and Haida respectively. Recently I was adopted into the ‘Raven Clan’ through my mother and I am connected to the Squamish Nation through my father.

As an apprentice to Jordan Seward I have been studying traditional Haida form and formline. With his traditional knowledge and my contemporary skills I compliment my rich culture allowing me to reach a large audience, this in turn allows me to embrace my family’s history.


Cory Douglas was born in Vancouver and is a Squamish Nation member with Haida and Tsimshian ancestry. Cory began his business ‘Modern Formline’ as a graphic artist and is now proficiently designing drums, tattoos, original paintings and hand engraved jewellery.

Work Samples

Types of Work I Do

Bentwood Box|Paintings|Drums and Accessories|Prints|Public Art Installations|Button Blankets|Other|Art Cards|Logos|Silver Jewelry|Tattoo Desgins|Wedding Rings
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