Debra Sparrow

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

Originally a Coast Salish Graphic Artist. Then in 1983, I joined a class of women in Musqueam which focused on the revival of Salish textiles and has since been combining textile and Salish designs in a contemporary way through geometric, hand spun blankets and hangings.


Debra Sparrow was born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve and is self-taught in Salish design and jewellery-making. Her work can be seen in various museums and institutions.

Debra designed the logo for the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, B.C.

She also continues to work on pieces close to her heart at her home in Musqueam. It is Debra’s hope to educate others about the beauty and integrity of her people’s history through her art.

Debra is an acclaimed weaver who has been weaving for twenty years and is deeply involved with the revival of Musqueam weaving. Her Musqueam blankets are displayed at the Vancouver Airport, and at UBC.

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