Derrick Whiteskycloud

Tribal Name: Migmq/ Ojibway Metis| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

Originally from Brandon, Manitoba, Derrick Whiteskycloud was drawn to the traditions of his Metis & Miqmac/Ojibway ancestry when he was thirteen years old. In the years between his roots in Manitoba and his current home in Surrey, British Columbia, he traveled extensively across the western provinces developing and sharing his gifts as a spiritual counselor, healer, teacher of Metis history and radio show host. Derrick’s healing gift also extends in the realm of the expressive arts – he is a prolific artisan.

His artwork emphasizes historical and cultural themes and spiritual symbolism. This is an underlying factor which materializes in his many mediums from leather to feathers, rawhide, wood, metal, glass, canvas and clay. With busy hands he creates that are one of a kind in their uniqueness from clay masks, dreamcatchers, decorated feathers, earring and neck jewellery, healing tools, hip pouches, shoulder bags, drums, canvas and much more.

However, whether the medium is internet radio or spoken word, art, music or a derivative of traditional or New Age methods, Derrick Whiteskycloud continues to evolve his healing practice in ways that consider the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of the individual. Regardless of the medium, the common denominator in all his work is his commitment and passion for helping people. website:


My name is Derrick Whiteskycloud, and I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My grandmother is Ojibway / Mi’kmaq from Bear River in Nova Scotia. I am a self taught Metis Crafter/ Artisan. I get my dreams & them I start making them. It is important that we continue to keep our teachings exciting & share with our children so they will want to make their own for others. Its not just a skill …its our history & livelihood.Watching children’s eyes focus on the craft we make…their curiosity wanting to learn & carry the traditions. It keeps me happy that I’ve given one child a story that he/she will never forget…passing it down to their children or friends.

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