Eileen S. Jacobs

Tribal Name: Mohieqxweth| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Coast Salish

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Artist Statement

Greetings to one and all with much respect… / —<@

I'm Mohieqxweth and my English name is Mrs. Eileen Jacobs from Squamish Nation. I had the great opportunity to learn how to weave in 2009 and this became a new passion in my life. When the 2010 Olympics came to B. C. I was asked to make as may headbands for the athletes and their sponsors. This changed my life and inspired me teaching me that I can make a good living with my weaving. This lost teaching that was taken away from the First Nations people and now back for us all to learn once again. I feel happy in my heart and spirit to be able to create my own designs and put my unique spin on my creations. I know how to draw, sew, do bead work, drum make and now weaving is my new passion and will apply cedar weaving as well for growth in my business.

I am the lead designer of Salish Angel Weaving And Apparel and am a proud graduate of the Aboriginal Best Program with the Squamish Nation Team. I hold my hands up in respect for the accomplishments the Nation has made for this opportunity for our local Artists to achieve our goals and share our special gifts with our art work start our own business.

My skills are weaving headbands, scarves, shawls, blankets, boot toppers, traditional regalia, hand bags with modern touch of unique colors. This new passion in my life has open doors for me and I plan on sharing my teachings with my children and family to be inspired to put their touch of creativity to so I may display and sell their creations. I look forward to teaching classes to those who are inspired or enticed… <3 /… —<@

I am currently working with our Elders in Squamish and have been employed now for 22 years with Squamish Nation. Happily married for 33 years, 4 children and 6 grand children and number 7 due April 22, 2015. I am blessed with learning so much in my path in life and meeting such amazing mentors, teachers, elders, etc… <3

What motivated me to get a business started is to be more financially secure and with this opportunity that I am achieving is making my heart and spirit so happy. Must make sure family comes first, I do hold them near and dear to my heart… <3… My children and grandchildren are now inspired by my achievements in life. My great support team keeps me moving in a positive manner.

<3 / <3 PEACE – LOVE – RESPECT <3 / <3



I’m Squamish Nation, my late father born and raised Squamish, my late mother is born raised Port Alberni. Grew up not knowing our traditions and culture so relearn is a prayer answered.
My spouse is Squamish Nation as I am and our 4 children as well. I am sharing my knowledge with my children so my grandchildren will carry on the knowledge and understand their tradition and culture.
My weaving is a new passion once I’ve learned how to weave and when the Olympics in 2010 has open the doors for us all and now all artists are creating and starting their own businesses and making first Nations people be recognized and respected in a positive manner, with respect.My work does represent tribe and family and I find the style I use once learning the history of my grandparents I love to use in my work with so much pride and respect.
I was approached and asked if I would like to take part in a weaving class in 2009 and of course I said absolutely…I learned to weave with cedar and yarn and I now have a new passion in life and it has seriously and honestly has filled my heart and spirit with happiness.
The Olympics in 2010 opened doors for me and others in our community and now I am creating so much colorful apparel.One of my mentors who had approached me to take a class is Joy Joseph McCollough and I say thank you my dear friend for opening the door for me to learn of lost teachings and culture.
I was so enthusiastic and my spirit said fly Eileen fly… I loved learning and at every opportunity I would sit down to do some weaving, my new passion in life.Respect, passion, fulfilling my spirit and makes me happy and humble. Using my Grandmothers touch of creativity as well. The butterfly, is grandma’s favorite and I love using the design in my work. For myself hearts hearts are huge and for my family, my father are hunters so arrow head I also use. Colors I use are so wide ranged as I am an earth person and love all colors.My inspiration is my family and my new passion for learning of lost teachings and culture and to be spiritually in tune with my spirit, is so very important.

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