Erin Brillon

Tribal Name: Haida & Cree| Region: Vancouver Island

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Artist Statement

Totem Design House is a family collaboration between brother and sister creative team Jesse & Erin Brillon. The Brillons' are of Haida and Cree ancestry and have grown up in deep appreciation of their rich cultural heritage. Raised on the Northwest Coast of BC to a commercial fishing family, the two were raised on the Pacific Ocean. Being grounded in nature and in their culture, the two have been inspired and influenced by the art of their people.

Erin also collaborates with her partner Andy Everson to create clothing and home decor items that she designs and screen-prints by hand with her daughter Marlo Wylie.


My Haida name is Kalga Jaad (Woman of Ice). I am from the Haida and Cree Nations on my mother's side, which is my lived cultural experience and Irish-Italian heritage from my biological father.

Prior to starting Totem Design House, my life's work has been dedicated to the empowerment and healthy development of Indigenous youth and families. I hold a B.A. in Liberal Studies and focused my classes in psychology, as healthy human development has always been a keen interest of mine. I also continue to facilitate Indigenous youth empowerment workshops whenever possible, as uplifting the next generation of future leaders is a passion of mine.

I own and operate Totem Design House which offers eco-friendly, locally made clothing and home decor items with Northwest Coast totem animals/crest designs.

My Toolkit

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