Frank Nelson

Region: Vancouver Island

Band Affiliation:
Kwikwsutineuk – ahkwamish First Nation

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Artist Statement

Each nation has been born with their spirited gifts and it’s for us to keep. There is no need to stretch our arms to touch other nations gifts or territories.


I was born on Gilford Island and I am a member of the Kwikwsutineuk – ahkwamish First Nation. I have been carving and making jewelery for over 40 years, starting in the early 1970′s with the Raven Arts Studio, established by Chief Tony Hunt Sr.

I carved cedar masks, rattles and other items for our traditional potlatch ceremonies; and then in the 1990′s my health changed and I needed to move away from carving wood to engraving jewelry. More recently, I have taken up the technique of repousse, and am creating exciting new works in this form.

I receive a great deal of inspiration every year when I take part in Tribal Journeys – an annual canoe journey that involves First Nations communities from Alaska to Washington State. Reconnecting with nature and having a chance to experience other cultures helps me to stay grounded in the work I create as a Kwikwsutineuk – ahkwamish artist.

Work Samples

Types of Work I Do

Silver Jewelry
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