Frank Wilson

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Frank was born in 1955 in Bella Bella, B.C. and he is a member of the Heiltsuk First Nation. His father was Ernest Field Wilson of the Raven clan and he inherited the Eagle clan status from his mother Dora (Gladstone) Wilson. Frank is a residential school survivor from his time in Port Alberni, 1965 to 1968.

Throughout his life, Frank has been inspired by his natural surroundings across BC. His inspiration has led him to this current step in his journey, his exploration of art and design which has allowed him to further connect with his First Nation s culture. Frank began this exploration with photography as a hobby, taking photographs of people, nature, scenery, and First Nations art.

In addition, Frank is deeply inspired by his son, Eric Paulsen, a First Nations artist who paints and makes wood carvings and drums. With his son’s example, Frank enrolled in the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts program at the Native Education College in Vancouver BC. This program taught him more about his culture and the art of expressing himself using the diverse style of the Northwest Coast peoples. There, he learned to draw and paint two native designs. The first is an Eagle which is his family crest design and the second drawing is of Killer Whales which is his personal design. He also created one silver bracelet with an eagle design, a pair of earrings, a box ring, a pendent with a stone to be put on it. He also created a bracelet with a bear design, ring, pendent with a bear design all made using copper. Frank plans to continue creating Northwest Coast Art including gold jewellery wood carvings and drums.

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