Greta Picard

Region: Vancouver Island

Band Affiliation:
Namgis First Nation

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Artist Statement

I am a seamstress, I make button blankets, shawls, weave hats, mats etc.. crochet, knit, etc..


I am from the Namgis Nation with a little Salish, Sechelt and a little Tsehaht,

I have acquired my Diploma in Fashion Design by Touch of Culture – Pam Baker

I have made wedding dresses, gowns, vests, button blankets, shawls, and many other stuff.

In my weaving I was taught by Fran Nahanee and Andy Johnson and Janice George to weave tunics and blankets, bags etc.. with cedar I taught myself how to make cedar hats and was taught by Jessica Casey how to weave a purse.

I also have my Diploma in Aboriginal Tourism Management. Which lead me to manage the Tsain-Ko Gifts in Sechelt for almost five years.

My Toolkit

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