Herbert Shane Hartman

Region: Vancouver Island

Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

With all my work I strive to convey my message with a simple, clean, clutter free look. I believe less is more, and I work to keep the feeling and essence of my work alive while using as few images, lines and shapes as possible.


Herbert Shane Hartman is an Aboriginal hailing from the Dakelth or Carrier people in the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Shane is a self taught artist working to with simple minimalist style to convey the feelings of his art work. Shane has tried various media types in the past, but now works predominately with gouache and paper for his paintings.

Shane is an avid golfer, downhill skier and loves spending time outdoors. Shane has also completed his Masters Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, and cares deeply about nature and the planet. Shane currently resides in Victoria, BC with his wife and their small garden.

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