Jamie Gentry

Tribal Name: Kwakwaka'wakw| Region: Vancouver Island

Band Affiliation:
Da'naxda'xw First Nation
Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

My name is Jamie and I am from the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation. I was fortunate to grow up immersed in culture and surrounded by talented artists. My whole life I was drawn to the arts, music, dance, drawing, painting, but I was particularly drawn to working with my hands, whether it was sewing, beading or weaving.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to make moccasins. However it wasn’t until we moved to Sooke, that I was able to find a teacher and from that day forward I have not stopped.

I make traditional, custom made moccasins for modern day living. My focus is on style, comfort and durability with an emphasis on sustainability. Each pair is cut, beaded, sewn, carved by hand and infused with love making each pair unique.

From my heart to your sole.


My name is Jamie, and I am from the Kwakwaka’ wakw nation. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC. I come from a family of talented artists, who over time helped me discover my passion for fabrics and sewing.

I created Love In Everything mostly out of a desire to find a way to express my creativity. It has turned into a very therapeutic practice for me as well. I find it very meditative to be in my sewing studio, all by myself.

My main focus was to create fun, fashionable, yet comfortable items for children, with a huge emphasis on Upcycling/Recycling. There is an abundance of discarded items just waiting to be transformed into something amazing, and I for one love the challenge, as well as the feeling of knowing that I am saving one less item from the dump.

I also have fulfilled a long time dream of making moccasins. Footwear has always been a passion (some my say obsession) of mine. I love that I can now create my own footwear.

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Clothing and Apparel|Moccasins or Mucklucks
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