Jewels (Julie Ann DeVries)

Tribal Name: Anishnabe| Region: Vancouver Island

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Artist Statement

I have been so fortunate to have lived such a colourful life and experienced many forms of work. Art is my passion.. I love seeing, touching, learning, creating anything that is art. I breathe it.

Lapis, moonstone, rose quartz, turquoise, peridot, hematite, swarovski crystal, czech crystals, pearls are only some of the elements of Mother Earth that I love to touch and work with. I also enjoy the look of Japanese Delica beads. Vibrant colours that glisten when the light or sun shines upon them. Sheep hide or deer hide is my favourite leather to work with. I love the soft texture and smoothness on my skin. Rabbit fur is found in my barrettes and baby moccasins.

Jewelry is my favourite art form. I love designing and picking out my pendants. I have many different types of art I dive into such as moccasins, leather purses and pouches, leather mandellas, Dream Catcher items, and many gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

I have been blessed to teach my art forms in different places from time to time. Now I just create mostly jewelry.


Welcome to my small display of items. My name is Jewels (Julie Devries). “Spirit Jewels” has been my business name for many years as I believe my Anishnabe teachings are “Jewels for the Spirit”. I am Anishnabe from Kettle and Stony Point Nation in Ontario. My dad's dad is Tecumseh. I am Turtle Clan. I am a survivor of the Sixties Scoop.

It was in my later adult years that the opportunity came along to participate in the Mediwiwin Lodge’s fasting camps, fall and spring camps, Sweat Lodges, and other gatherings. These events have given me solid knowledge on Holistic Ways to Healing, Health and Wellness. I also had the honour to participate in Traditional Weddings, Healing Ceremonies, Moon Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Tribal Journeys, Pow Wows, and so many other events that moved me forward in a most profound and positive way. Then my artistic flow began….

I have over 30 years of experience in creating and learning about my art. Many things enlighten my artistic senses. I also do not like living the same day twice.

When it comes to my leather work and bead work, I do try to implement my cultural teachings but also just like the flow of my Spirit to be the guiding force of what comes to me naturally. Colours have meaning. The Medicine Wheel holds valuable teachings and meaning. Colours, animals, flowers, stones, sun, moon, trees, water…valuable lessons and guidance in it all.

I have not only had the opportunity to create art with my hands but visual art as well. I love to dive into photography, filming, editing and producing documentaries. My most memorable experience was working creating a documentary for the president of the University of Victoria. We filmed “Lighting a Fire” conference. We interviewed top doctors and researchers in the field of Aboriginal Health and Wellness. We then edited and produced the documentary. I now will explore the world of creating my own literature.

If you ever come looking for me, you will find me along the ocean side. Just look for a bonfire and children running around or go to the mountain top where the winds and birds sing all around…you will find me there.

All my Relations….Jewels

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