Joan Ryan

Region: Vancouver Island

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Joan Ryan, Tsimshian Nation. Joan is from the Tsimshian Nation raised in Metlakatla BC. Her family crest is the Raven (Gunhada).

Joan weaves baskets using a very strong and durable fibre called Sea Sweet Grass which she dyes and uses her own techniques and designs to create a variety or baskets of different shapes, sizes and colours that are beautiful works of art.

Joan participated in exhibitions of Aboriginal Art, including all Native Tournament, Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Conference, Nexus Trade Show, Folk Music Festival, North American Indigenous Games, Walking with Our Ancestors, Denver, Colorado, Pow Wows, Skydome and attends many gatherings and conferences across Canada and USA.

Each basket that Joan weaves is unique and has its own personality and flair. Her pieces are lively and whimsical incorporating inclusions of beads, buttons, stones and feathers in combinations with the hand dyed colours.

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