John Powell

Region: Vancouver Island

Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

I am a Designer primarily, motivation for my Art is driven by culture – Media is generally textiles – schooled in Traditional Kwak’wakw’wakw design, Costume Design, Fashion design (by commission), Interior Design, and Graphic Design. Grew up in my culture and I do what I can to help the larger population understand.


My Name is Winidi and I am Mamalilikulla of the Kwak’wakw’wakw – I have worked in Design for the last 25 years – My media is textiles. I work a lot in Theatre Costume design, I do clothing on a commission basis, I have also worked with The Vancouver Opera Society, in addition, I have designed a number of Graphics for various First Nations and Non-First Nations organizations – I was Design Coordinator for the Vancouver 2010 Welcome Portion of the Olympics.

I was fortunate to have grown up in my culture and gained much knowledge from our old ones . I value this above all else, and I work hard to provide opportunities for the larger non – aboriginal population to learn who we are as Kwakwala-speaking people .

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