Johnny Steven Gibot

Region: Thompson Okanagan


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Artist Statement

My art, like most artist, is original and exclusive but always done to convey a message of “Unity Through Diversity” from a contemporary First Nation Elder’s perspective. The art medium I chose is stained glass art with the intention in working with light and colours.


Johnny Steven Gibot designs and produced exclusive First Nation stained glass art and symbolic motifs. He also created nine sided handmade or pow-wow drums which he at time paints his motifs on its surface, using three to four layers of oil paints. He enjoys being as artist, musician, songwriter and performer and is a recent resident of Oliver, B.C. He married Lauralee, who was born in Oliver, and has since combined artistic resources with her, adding to our Okanagan artists and musicians’ community.

Born in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. He’s another survivor of the Roman Catholic Resident School’s institutionalization and Federal Government programs. As a child, when not in the residential school, he would live with his siblings at their parents’ trap line, blanketed by the Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta.

Johnny spent many years following the pow’wow trails to seek First Nation Elders, who were able and willing to offer him teachings of the ‘Medicine Wheel’. In between his “Independent Search After Truth”, he’d fall victim to his vices. However, today he’s a living example for ‘living clean’ for several happier years. Johnny offers his time to personally secure the transport of his art to his client’s place of residence. However, delivery expense will be required, depending on location.

Footnote: My computer crashed about a year ago, so I lost all previous pictures of my artworks. However, you can find many of my works on “Facebook” on my profile. And I’d like to encourage you all to check of them out. To add, I can only add photographs of pictures of my recent artistic handcraft endeavors.

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