Kee Toy Joseph

Tribal Name: Kiyawtkin| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

North Vancouver
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Coast Salish

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Artist Statement

My Chinese and English names are Kee Toy Woo Joseph. My ancestral name is Kiyawtkin, which goes back nine generations within the Squamish Nation. My passion for arts are expressed through mediums such as: pencil drawing, painting, graphic design, and most recently jewelry making.


My Chinese and English names are Kee Toy Joseph. My ancestral name is Kiyawtkin, and my mother's family comes from the Squamish Nation and my father family comes from China. My passion for designing art is expressed through mediums such as: graphic design, pencil drawing, painting, graphic design, and most recently jewelry making.
I studied graphic designing and was fortunate to work on many other artist’s designs in development for various types of product development. Through this experience it has fed my spirit and my love for art. Art has been a source of medicine and continues to inspire me to learn, not just my culture, but others cultures art form.

I have approached my artwork as a source of medicine to heal my spirit, and to stay connected with my culture and in return this helps me govern my physical world. I find I am inspired and grateful when I see how art can connect others on many different levels and tell a story. Our traditional art forms, disciplines, techniques and styles inspire me to heal my spirit.

So when the Vancouver 2010 Olympics were to be held here within our traditional territories, I took opportunity to share my culture and to tell my story. I started my artwork through my childhood memories. Stories from my grandmother inspired me to express myself in art form.

Prior to the Olympics, I’ve aspired to build my name as an artist and to share with the world our culture and traditions. Through the experience to create, display and then share with the world our West Coast Salish art form.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have had as an artist to provide designs for various business entities:
- 2015 Coquitlam Sr. A Lacrosse Team Jersey design implemented into existing logo design.

- 2015 Sea span Aboriginal Business Relations Logo and business tier designs.

- Since 2010… designed business logos for various small businesses within the Squamish Nation.

- Sports team logo designs.

- Provided a design for the First Nations Snowboard Team. The design was selected for 2012 season snowboard program.

- Front Cover design for the Programs and Services booklet, which is disbursed to all first nations across Canada. ~ Selected by the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

- BC Assembly of First Nation Youth BC regional forum. Provided a design and provided print application services onto athletic shirts.

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