Khrystal Harper

Tribal Name: p̓egp̓íg̓lha syáqtsa7 ( Frog woman ) in Ucwalmícwts Lil'wat Language| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Lil'wat Nation
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Artist Statement

As a first nations artist I try to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty of our culture. I like to explore the use of old, traditional and new, contempory techniques in my peices.
My art is my voice, a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. My inspiration comes to me mostly through dreams and I try to recreate them with acrylics onto canvas.
I am drawn to using bright and vibrant colours to help bring my paintings to life and evoke a feeling of positive energy into others.


Born and raised in East Vancouver B.C. by her mother and adopted father Ron Wallace whom is an artist, drum maker and silversmith. She had watched her father Ron work with drums and paint them from an early age and at the age of 9 is when she picked up a brush and started to paint.
Khrystal has been inspired at a young age by her father and other family members whom include Doug Harper, Charles Harper, and the late Glen Harper along with Jerry Whitehead who is a close friend of Ron's.
With a unique eye for color Khrystal has created several canvas paintings which have been sold privately and to local galleries in Vancouver B.C.
In 2002 Khrystal worked with The Youth Criminal Justice Act in creating an education project which went to all schools nationwide in which she received the Legal Eagle award.
In 2015 Khrystal returned to her ancestral home in Stoney Creek B.C to work in the Saik’uz First Nations Band office to be in the center of the community and learn about her history and culture.

In 2016 , surrounded by family and friends, Khrystal was given a name by her father Ron during a family reunion in Mount Currie, BC. p̓egp̓íg̓lha syáqtsa7 which translates to frog woman in the St̕át̕imc language.

Khrystal has received the gift of drum making from her father Ron and has now began teaching her own drum making classes.

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