Kim (Gullion) Stewart

Region: Northern British Columbia

Prince George

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Artist Statement

Like many Métis people in Canada, my aboriginal heritage was not spoken about or shared. Wanting to uncover these ‘secrets’ from my childhood has inspired me to use my art as a form of personal investigation hoping to reveal the thoughts and feelings of my ancestors. Currently, my artwork includes historical family photographs, writings, traditional Métis art forms, painting, drawing, digital art and digital reproduction. I also create with beadwork and caribou hair tufting on velvet, wool and smoke tanned moose or deer hide. Although the materials and techniques behind my work may vary a great deal, they are all united by my desire to express my aboriginal culture.


Kim Stewart has been working in the field of visual arts for more than 20 years. She is a descendant of a Canadian Fur Trade family who are a combination of Scottish, French, European and Cree people. She is interested in exploring cultural adaptation and group identity through the combination of traditional aboriginal art forms with contemporary art disciplines. Kim has earned diplomas in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration and holds a Masters Degree from SFU in Art Education. Kim teaches visual arts at a College in Prince George and has shown her artwork throughout BC.

Work Samples

Types of Work I Do

Beadwork|Paintings|Prints|Caribou Hair Tufting|Other|Textile Works
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