Kwakwee Baker

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


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Artist Statement

Kwakwee Baker is a contemporary, West Coast, Multi-Media Artist. Born in Morocco Africa in 1972 and of Squamish, Kwaguilth, Tlingit-Haida and Celtic nationalities, Kwakwee has strong traditional roots from Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet areas of British Columbia Canada. He incorporates all his world travels and experiences in his artistic cultural representation, with expansive spiritual flow and visionary dream-like impressions. Accomplished illustrator, animator, graphic designer and instructor, Kwakwee is inspired with a continuous


Kwakwee Baker is a multi-media, contemporary Kwakwaka’wakwartist with strong traditional roots from Kingcome Inlet and Alert Bay areas. Born in Morocco Africa in 1972 of North American Native and Celtic nationality, Kwakwee is a proud father of 3 boys. A world traveler before the age of twelve, Kwakwee incorporated all his worldly and personal partaking experiences in his artistic representation, with an expansive spiritual flow and visionary dream-like impressions.
•Kwakwee specializes in storied murals of his Kwakwaka’wakw traditions mixed with contemporary socio-economic and environmental themes on any surface.
•Has strong experience in carving wood masks and totem poles in cedars of his permitted traditions.
•In addition to wood, Kwakwee applies traditional North West Coast traditional form design on clothing, cars, skateboards, apparel and tattoos.
•And recently completed the Native Education College, North West Coast jewellery design.

A lifelong artist and mostly self taught: his early exposure to Doug Cranmer and Tony Hunt for form design gave him an early advantage and understanding of the complexity of design. Furthermore, Kwakwee mentored with Master Carvers Oscar Matilpi for totem poles and Beau Dick for cedar masks. However, Kwakwee accredits his father and mother Frank Baker and Thias Sewell, along with family friend Tom Doucette for his contemporary foundation.

Career Highlights:
•Victoria School of Art. 1986
•Queens Cross – mural commission 1989.
•First ever recipient of the Bill Reid Art Scholarship for Drawing and Painting 1991.
•Emily Carr Art Scholarship, for drawing and painting 1992.
•Vancouver Art School – 3D Animation Certificate 2003.
•Garibaldi Island Film School 2003
•Capilano Film School Diploma (with honours).2008
• Native Education College Jewellery Arts Program – learning to engrave Copper, Silver and Gold – bracelets, earrings and pendents 2013

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