Leonard ‘Tiger’ Williams

Region: Northern British Columbia


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Artist Statement

I love to make hats on order so the get fresh look when received.


Leonard Williams is an accomplished cedar bark artist and member of the Quatsino First Nation. Born in Alert Bay in 1960 and of Quatsino and Tlowitsis ancestry, Williams was raised in Quattishe (“old Quatsino”) and Fort Rupert by his grandmother and great-grandmother.

His artistry with cedar bark weaving is a result of the many different perspectives from which he studies his subject. As an archaeological and traditional use study assistant, Williams has had the opportunity to learn the growing conditions of—and variations in—cedar, as well as gather the cedar bark ideal for his creations. His work is also informed by his study of ancestral Quatsino ethnographic objects held in museums around the world. In learning their forms, styles and weaving patterns, he repatriates lost knowledge for return to his People.

Williams has created many exemplary hats, headbands, capes, bracelets, canoe bailers, ropes, placemats, and other cedar bark adornments. His work is typically commissioned directly or completed for ceremonial use.

To commission a piece from Williams, or to book a cedar bark workshop with him, please contact him and Facebook – Tiger Leonard Williams or toastyremo@hotmail.com.

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