Linda Lavallee

Tribal Name: creenisgaa| Region: Northern British Columbia

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Band Affiliation:
montreal lake/Gingolx
Tribal Affiliation:
cree n nisgaa

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Artist Statement

With the adaptation of the traditoinal artform of the cree and nisga'a nations, creenisgaa creates handmade leather boot wearable art. The intent of our artistic interpretation is to bring authentic indigenous knowledges at an afforable price to as many people as possible.


creenisgaaTM clothing (cnc) produces lines of clothing for children and adults along with a modern adaptation of traditional Woodland cree.The custom-made hand-crafted wearable-art leather boots are inspired by both Cree and Nisga’a cultural traditions. Each pair of boots are brought to life through prayer to the creator that the person who will wear the boots will walk in health, happiness and safety.

Linda LaVallee was raised in Timber Bay, Saskatchewan where she watched and learned from her mother, aunties and grandmothers how to bead and sew with moose hide. She continued to design and sew at night over the years while working during the day for various First Nations organizations. She attended Shoe School in Port Townsend, Washington. In 2004 she started creenisgaaTM clothing with her husband & partner, Luugigyoo Patrick Reid Stewart, PhD, an architect, who is a citizen of the Nisga’a Nation.

Cory Lavallee (Linda’s son) and Luugigyoo Patrick Reid Stewart are the main artists for cnc. Cory’s Cree-inspired artwork is a blend of contemporary themes and traditional line-work. Patrick’s artistic inspiration is based in traditional Nisga’a stories and cultural protocols.

creenisgaaTM has participated in fashion shows and photo shoots since its beginning, including most recently, Fashion Speaks (2015) a fashion benefit for murdered and missing indigenous women; the Chilliwack Pow Wow Fashion Show (2015); the Women’s Conference at Coldwater First Nation (2015); CBC photoshoot (2014); New York Couture Fashion Week (2013); National Aboriginal Fashion Week (2012 + 2013); Montreal Lake Cree Nation photo shoot (2012); Hope National Aboriginal Day Fashion Show (2011) and the National Aboriginal Fashion Show in Toronto (2006).

Linda, Patrick and Cory live on Tzeachten First Nation near Chilliwack, British Columbia.

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