Lon French

Region: Northern British Columbia

Band Affiliation:
Old Massett Village Council
Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

I'm a fairly new Haida graphic artist that is learning what it is to be an artist, learning about my culture and what path I'll take for myself as a native artist. I love how much people encourage, challenge and, inspire me to be better. I also love sharing my stories and have people learn about my culture through the symbology of my art.


I’m a Haida graphic artist that has been doing Haida art since the end of 2012. At that time, I decided I needed to change the direction of my life. This is when I started learning about my family from Haida Gwaii. I researched Haida art and learned the basic forms. Then I started playing with designs and developed my own style. That style has evolved and continues to evolve the more I do. I have tried to stay traditional and have on the most part but feel that to grow as an artist I must be open to change. As I continue on my new path I’ll try new things and learn more about tradition also and that will reflect in my work. Mostly, I’m self taught but I was also initially taught for a short time by George Hunt Jr. At S J Willis Secondary back in the early ‘80s. I hope you enjoy my designs and follow my journey of discovery in the world of Haida art.

My Toolkit

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