Lyle Sparrow

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

What a Journey I am on. I’ve been Inspired to carve by my elders’ stories past and present.
I am an elder now, and I am still learning more about the history of our people. I consider myself blessed.


We are Warrior people. We are known as the people of the grass and protectors of the land of the Coast Salish Nation.

I am the Son of Lyle Sr and Ester Sparrow.Grandson of ED SR and Rose Sparrow of Musqueam.and Chris Sr and Elthel Julian of the Sechelt Nation.

This is the way I carry myself. Holding on to our culture, our stories, songs, dances, and art is not only important to me, but all our people.

My work may be found in public and private collections in Europe, the United States, and throughout Vancouver.

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