Melody Charlie

Region: Vancouver Island


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Artist Statement

I love who I am, where I come from, my people, my communities, my culture & being connected to anything & everything that connects me spiritually. After all, we are all spirits & that is always my intent, to show peoples spirit.


Proud Aboriginal who comes from a very long line of strong & spiritually connected people. Ahousat First Nation located on Flores Island, is where I grew up & though I no longer live there, it will always be home. My community of family & friends are 1200 peeps strong , the most giving people I know, who support one another through thick & thin.

I am first & foremost mother of two beautiful Yuuthluithaht young men, my man son is 21 & my little man is 7 years young. Embracing this new life & feeling extremely grateful to be reconnected with my spirit & my ‘self.’ I love people who choose to see the positive in life, who keep things real, who live with passion & see beauty in all things & beings.

Speaking of love, I love the challenge of capturing that perfect moment, one that hasn’t been forced & one that remained unnoticed by everyone else. I love capturing the natural beautiful emotions in life that define special days, weather it’s the twinkle in the grooms eye as his bride walks down the aisle, a mother’s proud smile, a father’s tearful embrace, or siblings just giggling at one another.

“I just want to thank you so much for the incredibly important work that you are doing. Your photography is amazing! It exposes people to images of people captured with the eye & understanding of their own culture which is so important. Your work shows beauty, diversity & amazing love, passion & respect. I truly believe that your work is another step in fostering, understanding, helping people overcome racism & helpling people see themselves as beautiful. Thank you so much for your work, it is very moving.” ~ Carla

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