Mike Edmonds

Tribal Name: White eagle transforming into a man| Region: Vancouver Island

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Campbell river
Band Affiliation:
Oweekeno/Wuikinuxv Nation
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Artist Statement

I find new ways to express my work with limits only in my imagination from drawing on shoes and purses, hats and clothing to miniature carving of almost anything to large high end traditional dance masks and paddles, drums and rattles ect. In addition I paint small designs on fabric items of any shape, style or design of clothing one could think of to paintings of landscapes and seascapes with traditional designs and wildlife on up to portraits. All besides custom requests reflect the traditional wuikinuxv style I have developed over my 33 or so years I have been considered an artist by my peers where I grew up in Rivers Inlet.


Born in Vancouver BC in 1975. Mike Edmonds was raised in Rivers Inlet by his mother Stephanie and his step father Patrick. From a young age mike began to show an interest in carving and drawing. Thanks to the key efforts of interjecting traditional influence from different artists in the small Rivers Inlet village by those in education throughout Mike's elementary years his interest in art was solidified and became a regular part of his life. On through highschool in Bella Coola B.C. his art was further supported in the traditional way education was offered to mike there.

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