Patricia Gus

Region: Vancouver Island

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Artist Statement

One of my elders, Louise Roberta had told me: Take the best of both worlds. Utilize the teachings of our First Nations using the tools and resources available in modern society.


My name is Patricia Gus and I am a Tseshaht member of the Nuu-chah-nulth nation. I also have roots in Ahousaht, Squamish and Hawaii. I have a lifelong love and respect for First Nations arts and artists. This seed was planted early by my auntie Mable Taylor, a basket weaver and my grandmother, Tseshaht artist Ramona Gus whose work has been published in books, displayed in museums and presented to the Queen of England.

From an early age I drew, painted, carved, and sanded alongside my grandmother. I attended her exhibitions and traveled with her to craft fairs in Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. At the age of ten through to eleven I worked with her at a Lonsdale Quay art gallery in North Vancouver. We would sit in the gallery window, carving and catching the interest of both tourists and Vancouverites passing by. I sold a few carvings there, people having been amazed at my skill for a young girl, commenting that I was quite the child prodigy.

As I plan for the coming year, I’d like to learn new skills and knowledge to actualize the business I have in mind. This includes technical skills like learning website development and online marketing, as well as new artistic skills such as silk screening and dress making. I’m also interested in learning more about traditional Hawaiian Art.

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