Randy Wisla

Region: Northern British Columbia

Band Affiliation:
Saik'uz First Nation

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Randy Wisla Biography

Born in Vanderhoof, British Columbia,

Canada in 1970, Randy is descendant from

a long line of Northwest Coast jewellery

carvers. As a member of the Carrier Nation,

Saik’uz band, Randy has spent his entire

life devoted to learning Northwest Coast

cultural art. At an early age, Randy began

drawing and excelled in art class in

elementary and secondary school.

In his twenties, Randy began apprenticing with his well-known

master carver father, Charles Harper. For years, Randy learned

about Northwest Coast art, formlines, metalwork techniques and

studio management from his father. Randy has never looked

backed and has carried on to carve out a highly successful

career as a Northwest Coast jewellery designer in Vancouver.

For over fifteen years, Randy has been designing wearable,

fashionable, stylish and masterful Northwest Coast jewellery in

silver, gold, platinum and copper. Actors such as Steven Segal,

Tantoo Cardinal and Adam Beach all own and wear Randy Wisla

Northwest Coast original designed jewellery.

Randy is proud of his career in Northwest Coast jewellery

design and, in particular, is proud of his two beautiful teenage


Randy fused traditional Northwest coast jewellery design and techniques with a

contemporary and signatory style. Formline designs are found in Northwest Coast art

and are strongly linked to stories, clans, crests and the Native cultures in British

Columbia, Canada. Figures, motifs and elements of Northwest coast art forms are

intertwined with cultural protocols inherent in traditional jewellery designs. All the

techniques of Northwest Coast jewellery design belong to the art form itself and it is

Randy’s signature style

Wearable hand carved Northwest coast silver jewellery is a must in this territory. Since

the 2010 Winter Olympics where our Northwest Coast art and culture was prominently

featured, it has become a stylized fashion in Vancouver and other major cities along the

West Coast.

The quality of Randy’s workmanship is evident in the formlines, symmetry, and all

phases of production from conceptualization to finishing and finally exhibition. The

cross hatching, formlines, u joints and ovoids are all technical elements of Northwest

Coast jewellery design. However, Randy’s signatory style separates his artwork in the

field of excellence, mastery and high-quality of workmanship.

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