Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Band Affiliation:
Whitefish Lake , Atikameg
Tribal Affiliation:
Plains Cree

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Artist Statement

I am an Indigenous artist who paints and illustrates both graphic and abstract styles. My work reflects my spiritual connection to my ancestors and tells their stories through traditional and modern styles. I feel the younger generation needs to connect with their ancestors and understand our stories and histories as Indigenous peoples and I connect people with these stories through my work.


I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta from the Plains Cree tribe and have always been interested in learning my Indigenous culture even though I was raised in a non-Indigenous community in Ontario. My Grandmother is an artist who sparked my interest and passion for creativity. As I grew more interested as making my passion for art a career goal, I decided to pursue my secondary education at Emily Carr University of Fine Art and Design in British Columbia. I have currently finished my 3rd year and will be starting my 4th and final year next September 2016. As I am studying I have decided to start building the foundation to my illustration business and have a few regular clients who are interested in the Indigenous stories I tell through my art. I am currently working on a graphic novel which tells stories and legends from different tribes throughout Canada to spark and interest in the younger generation to learn the histories of our culture. My future intentions are for my business to be highly successful while collaborating with other indigenous artists to tell their ancestors stories through their different tribes and showcase them in a gallery which I also intend to open in the future. Needless to say I am a simple artist with big dreams and the creativity to take me there.

My Toolkit

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