Rosalie Temple

Region: Northern British Columbia

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Prince Rupert
Band Affiliation:
Gitxaala Nation
Tribal Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

I grew up surrounded by artwork. It was either being made or finished. We as artist have unfinished projects are still being formed in our thoughts. So sometimes we can only get the project so far then leave it till it shows itself to us. My father was a master carver. I am the only daughter out of four that followed his footsteps in artwork. I work with all mediums. If I haven't tried it yet it doesn't mean I am not going to. I will try it at least once. If you can think it I can do it.


The 13th child of Master Carver late Murphy Stanley SR and Lillian Stanley. Born in Prince Rupert BC. July 17 65. Went to various schools, moving as my dad honed his skills. Went to Gitamaax School of Indian Art for 2 years. Worked as a hairdresser for a few years as I worked on my skills as an artist. Then I went to Jewelry Arts at Native Education Centre in Vancouver BC . Then went to Fashion Designing for 7months. Worked with various places teaching art. Did workshops teaching regailia making, drum making, paddle making, designing for quilts.

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