Rupert Scow

Region: Vancouver Island

Alert bay

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Rupert Scow was born in 1957 in Alert Bay, British Columbia. The Scow family, known as “The people of the Bear” is Kwicksuitaineuk from the village of Gwayasdums on Gilford Island, and takes the Bear and Gwayasdum’s crest of the Sisiutl, or double headed sea serpent, as family crests. Rupert comes from a long line of carvers and respected elders, including his great grandfather Mungo Martin and great grandfather Chief Johnny Scow. This wealth of culture instilled a strong sense of heritage in Rupert and his five brothers, all of whom are exceptional carvers.

Under the guidance of Wayne Alfred, Vince Shaughnessy, and Stephen Bruce, Rupert began carving cedar in 1991, creating masks, rattles, bowls, poles and transformation masks. Having mastered the art of woodcarving, Rupert completed the Native Education Center’s jewelry course in 2008, and now volunteers his time teaching aspiring First Nations carvers in the lower mainland.

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