Simon Daniel James

Tribal Name: Winadzi| Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

Bowen Island
Band Affiliation:

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Artist Statement

Authenticity is something we as native artist strive for. Our artwork must reflect who and what we are as first nations artists and keepers of the cultural knowledge.


My name is Winadzi and I am from the MAMALILIKULLA – QWE’QWA’SOT’EM band but my lineage is from the Kwicksutaineuk clan from the Kwakwaka’wakw nation. My art reflects my lineage since it is what I have learned from my elders.

I have been dancing, drumming, carving painting and recently speaking on behalf of our people for 30 years. My main medium would be cedar but I have also been known to paint and create serigraph prints. I am also a co-creator of Raven Tales the animated television show and created Raven, Eagle and Frog which are the main characters.

Recently i started writing again to create new ideas and concepts for live action and animated films. I create the occasional carved piece, mostly on commission basis and have done works internationally. in 2001 I carved 3 totem poles in Fukushima Japan and recently I carved a tableau for a local school entrance.

Work Samples

Types of Work I Do

My Toolkit

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