Stella Johnny

Region: Vancouver Island

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Artist Statement

Redirecting energy can be done by being busy! I am busy either beading, weaving either with Cedar Bark, or Coast Salish Style Weaving! Using our designs shows who we are, history, and where we come from. Culture allows you to belong, to belong is to have culture!


My name is Stella Johnny, I am a member of the Cowichan Tribes, which is part of Coast Salish Peoples. My parents were the late Stanly Tooshley, from the Elwa people in Washington State; and late Mary Laura Johnny also of the Coast Salish decent. I am a mother, sister, and aunt to many of my eight siblings. My two children, son Frederick J.C. George and Audrey George have gifted me with five grandchildren.

My work comes from the artistic traditions of the Cowichan Tribes. I apprenticed in cedar bark weaving over a 25 year period with the late Master Weaver, Bruce Miller of the Skokomish Tribe, Coast Salish People, which is located near Olympia, Washington.

My beading started while I was in Mission Residential School, while I was in the Marching Band, we were required to make our own regalia. This ended, but started again when my children were to honoured with receiving their Indian names identifying their roots and family ties! Give-aways were needed and that started me beading. This focus helps me keep on keeping on track for all our cultural needs as was done in the past. The first lady, who showed me how to do earrings, started my new passion of beading. I do not remember her name.

Demonstrations I have completed in the community include workshops at School District 79, Waldorf School, Queen of Angels, Cowichan Tribes, Friendship Center and many Cedar Weaving Workshops locally and in Port Alberni, Ministry of Forestry. These varied from demonstrations of all the weaving styles, including my sewing, and beading.

As an artist of many forms, I also give classes / training in weaving (cedar, pine, and Coast Salish loom), sewing, and beading.

By being respectful to our-selves, we can cause a great effect through to ripple out to the public, community, and most importantly our family. By working on our art, we are able to meet the needs for Cultural Events using our skills to create baskets; shawls head bands, and give away items.

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