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Artist Statement

My true passion is being able to create artwork that reflects my cultural heritage.Through my artwork I bring balance in my life. I explore numerous mediums, expanding the items that display my designs. I constantly seek opportunities and challenge myself to learn new ways of expressing my artwork.


Una-Ann is a Tahltan/Tlingit Artist. She has established herself as an Artist and Designer, incorporating her traditional designs with a contemporary flair using a variety of mediums such as acrylics, pen and ink, textiles, leather and cedar.
Over the years Una-Ann has explored different avenues, such as facilitating workshops, creating art projects, silver and wood carving, Regalia and drum making, participating in canoe journeys, traditional ceremonies, participating in three inspiring groups; Git Hayetsk, M’Girl, Tsatsu Stalqayu.
Una-Ann developed her style of artwork and expertise while she participated in presentations and shows as a member of the Fort Langley Artist Group. It is with pride and passion
Una-Ann continues to share her gifts, and develop her artist skills.

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