Vivian A Campbell

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains

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Artist Statement

I am a traditional weaver in the modern world. Weaving is a legacy that was left to us by our ancestors that have gone before us. I am inspired by those techniques and designs that are found in old baskets, blankets, etc. Usually I will take those traditional techniques, interpret them, and weave with my own flare.


I am a Musqueam weaver of the inner bark from the cedar tree and also a wool weaver, utilizing traditional designs.

My work can be seen in the Museum of Anthropology (mostly wool weaving, but also some some cedar weaving). I also received a commission from the Craft Council of BC in 2010 for the Olympics. My work was also on display in the Surrey Museum as part of the Baskets for Barter exhibit. It is now on display in the Musqueam Cultural Centre, as the Musqueam Indian Band has a partnership with Baskets for Barter. I also host and facilitate workshops for all age groups in Greater Vancouver.

As well, the Musqueam Indian Band Language and Cultural program commissioned me to design an adult-sized cedar bark cape.

We are a living, thriving community. We have always been here, we will always remain here, and it is our responsibility to continue on with the legacy of our people.

This website is a great idea because it will allow for First Nations artisans to be able to display and/or sell their authentic work. It is important to have a certification of authenticity not only for the artist, but for the tourist or visitor purchasing those items.

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